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—  Selling Your Home  —

Today’s buyers are more connected to technology, more educated and have more data available than ever before. They’re looking for a home that is perfect for their needs and they have lots of choices. As Wichita continues to grow and lifestyles continue to evolve, buying a home is less necessity and more of realizing a dream. All of this makes selling your house more challenging than ever. You need more than just an agent. You need a listing specialist that pays attention to details, has the highest regard for customer service, and knows how to effectively market your property in our market. You need more than just a sign in your yard. I have a plan to list, market, and sell your house, check it out below. 



As a seller, you want to be confident about how hard your Realtor® is working for you.

That is why we will discuss  your expectations as well as my processes before you sign the listing agreement.  I will be in touch often once your property is listed. I will connect to share successes and opportunities in marketing your house for sale.

Excellent professional relationships and connection with you, potential buyers, and other local agents will be key to selling your home. 



My marketing plan for homes I list for sale is a mix of tried and true analog methods and the most up to date technology. 

94% of today's home buyers start their search online. My marketing is designed to reach them online, driving by, and in print.  I give you the maximum amount of exposure including:

  • Custom Website for your home

  • Beautiful Print Marketing

  • 3D and VR home tours

  • Special Events & Open Houses

  • Targeted buyer outreach

  • Clean Effective Yard Signage

  • And much more... 



It is critical that your home goes on the market at the right current market price. Over or under pricing will send a message to buyers - who again are educated - that they will not even schedule a showing.

Within my office, we have decades of Wichita real estate experience. Together we will collaborate with expert knowledge of the local market, we will help you determine a list price that will sell your house quickly and competitively while maximizing your profit.



The Wichita market is strong.



Homes for sale needed. Prices are up. 

—  Seller's REsources—


Keeping track and managing all appointments, from all hours of the day and night can be stressful. Arranging these appointments is part of the services provided to all Sellers


Often Buyers and their Real Estate Agents have many question regarding the terms of the sale, the neighborhood/HOA or other specifics. Answering these quickly inquiries is part of the services provided to all Sellers.


Market evaluations are provided to all potential Sellers free of charge. Current listings and recent sales of comparable suites are analyzed and contrasted. An approximation of value is determined and marketing strategies discussed. Contact me to find out what your home is worth.


Purchase offers are full of legal details that are at times difficult to understand. When offers come in, at a minimum you must understand what is being offered. Guiding through offers is a part of the services provided to all Sellers.


The Real Estate Agent representing the Buyer has the Buyer's best interest in mind. Having an experienced Seller Agent in your corner ensures that your needs are being represented and defended.


First impressions stick in the minds of potential Buyers. In order to sell your condo suite at top value, presentation is key. Lighting techniques, furniture placement, cleaning, and clutter removal are discussed.